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Quilt Prep

For best results please ensure your quilt is clean and pressed. This includes your quilt top and backing before delivery. 


6 inches extra backing must be provided to allow your quilt to be loaded properly and square onto the frame. If your quilt is 70 x 80 then the backing must be approx.  76 x 86 in. Pieced backs are welcome.


Please do not apply embellishments until after Spooled Rotten Quilts has worked on your quilt. This includes beading, Swarovski crystals, buttons etc. 


You may supply your own batting as long as it is high quality quilt batting. I do offer Hobbs 80/20 in both queen and king sizes at $13 per yard.


Please ensure all safety pins have been removed from your quilt top. 


If you have a quilt top with high contrasting fabric colours always press your seams to the dark side to ensure they are not seen under light fabric. This will give your quilt a nicer finished product and give you a fun Star Wars reference to boot.


If your quilt top is heavily pieced, I strongly recommend you complete a victory lap around your finished top. This means use a longer basting stitch and sew around your finished quilt top an 1/8 of an inch from the edge. This will prevent any seams from coming apart during the transport of your amazing quilt top.


If your quilt and backing is directional, please let me know upon delivery which way you would like your fabric loaded. 

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