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What is longarm quilting?

Longarm quilting is the process in which a sewing machine is used to stitch together a quilt top, middle batting layer and backing of a quilt
into a finished top.

What machine do you use?

I own an Innova Autopilot Mach 3 on an 11 ft frame. This machine has a 22" throat which allows me to finish projects up to a 110 inch width. The machine is fully computerized, but also allows me to shut off the robotics for custom hand guided work.

What is a pantograph?

A pantograph is a design that is primarily used with mid to longarm quilting machines. The longarm user follows a line on paper with a laser attached to the machine. Computerized quilting machines use robotics connected to a computer system to follow a digital pattern that is inputted into the computer.  Pantographs can range in size and with computer software can be manipulated to the proper density that will compliment your quilt.

Do you make quilts for clients?

No, I offer a specialty service for fellow quilters. They bring me their finished quilt top, batting and backing. I stitch together the three layers of their quilt getting them very close to a finished product.

What is your turn around time?

Turn around is dependent on the volume of incoming quilts. As always, I work diligently to get you a finished project as quickly as possible. Please contact me for current turn around time.

Can you offer computerized quilting mixed with hand guided quilting?

Yes! Many times, clients are looking for a perfectly shaped computerized design, but want a custom look to surround that design. This is very obtainable and can produce an amazing result.

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